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Finally managed to read Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” – a best seller amongst the business books during past couple of years. If you have not read the book you might opt at least for checking out Simon’s speech @ TED (www.ted.com)

For myself Bilot’s “why” has been obvious already since before I joined the company – from the time when I actually used to be Bilot’s customer and when Bilot was just a fresh from an owen start up that was being run by a couple of passionate guys who shared a common vision of Bilot’s “why”.

Traditionally many businesses use SAP and Microsoft tools to run and manage their business processes but – as we all know- too often especially SAP based solutions are blamed for being too expensive, not very usable etc. For example ask a sales guy whether he likes to use SAP and you are likely to get a no for an answer. We at Bilot believe in providing Better Business Solutions through providing our customers with Better usability, Better processes and Better information. And furthermore we believe that we can do that better than anyone else.

We believe that one actually can do things better, that it is possible for companies from small to large to enhace their businesses more efficiently and with better quality than what most of the companies are accustomed to.  Of course you need a foundation (an ERP system) to run your business processes but you can gain most benefit for your investment when implementing smart business solutions on top of your ERP processes such as business intelligence, mobility, workflows etc.

Bilot’s “why” could be summarized as a passion how to help our customers to implement better business solutions. Let us show our passion and you might want us to hang around for a bit longer – that is what quite a number of companies are already doing!

In case you got interested please do contact us and why not to drop in for a cup of coffee and to talk with us how we could help you in your quest towards better business solutions!

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