Let’s look at 2202 SAP Sales & Service Cloud Release… in a nutshell.


Let’s look at 2202 SAP Sales & Service Cloud Release… in a nutshell.

Here is a link to the slides and here to the release briefing of 2202 release.

The 2202 release brings several advancements to SAP Sales & Service Cloud. With test tenants already upgraded February 5-6th, and a release briefing already behind us we look forward to productive tenants being upgraded on the February 19-20th.

MS Outlook integration has always been an option. A couple releases back MS Teams integration was introduced. In the current release it is being vastly improved, and things seem to look rather promising. The MS Teams integration will include elements such as workspace sharing, a deal room (dedicated sales team), an outbound call support or visit enablement for team collaboration. On top of all that the integration itself is low touch.

The Data Workbench tool has another enhancement in form of a potential import error log being produced automatically, which can lead to fewer clicks, errors, file downloads and frustration. In combination with previous advancements such as work only on selected columns, the tool now in overall looks solid.

It is never a surprise to see SAP Sales and Service Core also evolving. There are improvements for quote, opportunity, survey management and groupware integration. What I personally find most appealing is contact person overview that now provides an advanced search for opportunities on the opportunity tab. What also might come in handy is the possibility to sort product category during product survey execution.

Machine Learning with 2202 introduces product recommendations for opportunities (beta). The algorithm behind this considers transactional purchase history.

Dynamic Visit Planning add-on now provides the user with a feature to search for accounts in a specific radius. The accounts can also be selected from either the map or the list. There are now also perfect store insights to aid the visibility of the accounts with declining KPIs.

Intelligent Sales add-on has been enriched with a link to S/4HANA customer 360° view. Which means that sales reps can now directly from C4C access the view in S4 and gain additional insights on fulfilment issues, customer returns, credit memo requests, sales scheduling agreements and open quotations. In result the business benefit here is better decision-making.

SAP Sales & Service Cloud after abandoning HTML5 and keeping Fiori interface only, seems to be on a steady course of substantial improvement with every release. The solution is top in class and has plenty to offer. In Bilot we have the know-how and experience to assist you with SAP Sales & Service Cloud implementation, support, and development. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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