ITILisation in 2014

I’ve always liked following the football, because it’s hard to predict what will happen… as the bookmakers well know. So I’m not a betting man (in the football), but anyway:

Here I can exclusively reveal what will happen in the year 2014.

1. Both globally and in Finland, SAP Solution Manager (”SolMan”) will continue to grow and evolve in the SAP customer base. This is a safe bet, as for any organisation committed to ITIL and/or with SAP as an important component-set in its IT Service Portfolio, SolMan is the cost-effective and most ITIL-driven toolset on the market, as the independent ITIL-rating ”agencies” such as PinkElephant and Serview will happily inform you:

Serview  [auf Deutsch].

2. Bilot will be the trusted SolMan implementation partner of its customers. Also a safe bet, as we have the most competent and ITIL-SolMan-oriented people who will make it all happen. We have many years of SolMan experience gained in a wide variety of operating spaces; we have SAP certified SolMan knowledge and ITIL expertise, and we have developed the know-how and best-practices to implement and run the wide and deep functionalities that SAP Solution Manager provides to both IT and the Business, to help them run IT in an E2E (SAP & non-SAP components), process-centric way.

The concept of IT ERP – “running IT itself like a Business” is gaining hold, and switched-on organisations are moving from the ad hoc world of Excel and emails towards implemented ITIL-processes that enable and realise IT ERP on-the-ground, meaning: SAP Solution Manager (see picture below).

3. The World Cup will be held in Brazil, and Scotland won’t win the tournament. To be fair, I don’t think the bookmakers would offer me odds on that last prediction.

Let’s see what 2014 holds… but I’m feeling confident all these bets are going to come in. Which is nice!


Blog writer is Dylan Drummond, SolMan Consultant at Bilot, originally from Scotland. He’s an ITILv3 Expert, who wants customers to move forward: from drawing nice IT-process diagrams to actually implementing ITIL in day-to-day work.
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