Summer is (finally) approaching, which means also one thing – INTEGRATE 2021 conference is also near. At least for me this has been THE conference to attend every year. Due to you-know-what, the conference is a remote one like last year, which is both good and bad – most of us are probably missing the human aspect of these conferences, but on the other hand remote one is easier to schedule and also more environmental friendly with no travelling.

For me the main reason to attend is that INTEGRATE has become the place where Microsoft’s integration product groups publish the latest stuff and share roadmap information for the future on the Azure integration services. And basically, that’s my second point – INTEGRATE is really focused one-track conference on Microsoft integration landscape. With a great set of speakers. And there’s content from entry/marketing level to technical deep dives and demos, so if Azure (or BizTalk) and integrations are related to your job or business, you’ll get valuable info.

But that’s not all. As a partner of organizing company, Kovai, we’d like to share their main points on why you should attend INTEGRATE Remote 2021 too. There is also a promo code for 20% discount on tickets at the end of the message…

10 Reasons Why Microsoft Integration Experts Should Attend INTEGRATE 2021 Remote

If you are an Integration expert looking to get up to speed on the Microsoft Integration technologies and stay updated on their road map, look no further than the world’s biggest Microsoft Integration tech conference – INTEGRATE Remote 2021.

It is happening on June 1-3 as an online virtual event powered by a specialised conferencing platform. INTEGRATE is three days of learning, collaboration and fun!

With an inspiring keynote from Microsoft’s own Jon Fancey, Group Principal Program Manager, INTEGRATE also features the Integration product group, Azure MVPs, BizTalk Server geeks and other influencers in the industry.

Secure your tickets now for you and your team at the best ticket price of the year.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should attend INTEGRATE 2021:

  1. A unique and focused conferencing experience
    The conference focuses on the importance of delivering the focused content covering BizTalk Server and Azure Integration technologies and strives to enhance your career journey.
    Any Microsoft events like Ignite, Inspire, Build, etc., will have sessions covering a wide range of technologies, which is overwhelming to some extent, whereas INTEGRATE 2021 focuses on a niche category of professionals interested in Microsoft Integration space.
  2. Know the latest announcements straight from Microsoft Product Group
    Be the first to know about the vital list of announcements, vision and road map from the Microsoft product group. It would be more valuable for you to connect with the product team to discuss the benefits, challenges, and considerations for the important announcements.
  3. Get inspired by the brightest minds in the industry – Lifelong leaders are lifelong learners.
    At INTEGRATE Remote 2021, you are going to learn first-hand from the industry’s brightest and most experienced minds.
    This event is much more than another conference absolutely with no fluff, no theory; it is your chance to get inspired and walk out with a notebook full of bold and underlined words to transform your integration in 2021 and beyond.
  4. Gain a year’s worth of experience in 20+ hours
    As powerful as it sounds, you could find out more about Integration in a little over 20+ hours than many do by slaving over books for months and learning from blunders. It is more than possible with 30+ top-drawer experts from across the entire Integration space, and all braced up and willing to take you on a trip around the best practices and tips. 
    This will also be helpful in preventing you from doing some of the common mistakes yet that could turn to be costly.
  5. Join the event from your comfort zone – No Integration expert with a genuine hunger for ideas and insights has to feel left out, no matter where they live!
    You can join the event from home, your office, your favorite restaurant — any place you like and any time. Even if you miss any sessions, our inhouse team will make sure for the instant accessibility of the session recordings.
  6. Get your puzzles answered – Are you planning to embrace power of cloud? Looking for best practices and tools? Are you worried about feature general availability? Stand a chance to quickly shoot your concerns and get your puzzles resolved straight from Microsoft Product Group.
    We are pretty sure that you will not get a chance to meet such a line of speakers all under one roof in any other conferences. It’s your unique opportunity and you can’t afford to miss it. Check out the confirmed speakers.

  7. Explore business opportunities – This is a very good chance to find partnership opportunities with leading consulting and ISV companies working with Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure integration technologies to grow your business.
    Another major benefit of attending INTEGRATE is meeting the teams behind the best consulting companies that can help grow your business and overcome your current Integration challenges with their years of expertise.
  8. It happens in the summer – With still about one and a half months until the conference, there’s still plenty of time to pencil it into your calendar.
  9. Build new connections – Networking is still one of the most important parts of attending a conference. Being online gives you an opportunity to easily network, streamline your experience, and get exactly what you need in order to grow.
    You certainly don’t want to miss out on the best possible opportunity to grow your company and network with the community.
  10. Best of all, it’s a good deal – To support the community in this time of change, this year, we introduced Super Early Bird Offer at just $150 which makes the conference accessible to many Integration professionals across the world.

    If you are planning to attend INTEGRATE 2021, then go ahead and register as this will be the best ticket sale of the year. Be quick as when they’re gone, they’re gone.
    Super Early Bird offer has unfortunately closed on March 31st, but there still Early Bird offer at $200 until April 30th.

Don’t miss out, register today and take the early bird offer.

Want to attend INTEGRATE 2021 for even less?
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