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I bet you recognize the feeling – being uncertain about the optimal timing of important investments. Sometimes it may even feel like the constant development of markets, products and life in general is a curse and annoyance of huge proportions.

“I would really need to upgrade my phone – but, hold on, if I wait for X months, I’d get the new version which will be launched soon. It would be stupid to buy the old one now, right?”

“I would really need to buy a new house – but, hold on, if I wait for X months, the market can change in a favorable direction and I’d get a better price for my old house and get the new one even cheaper (likely, right?).”

“I would really need to launch a new e-commerce project – but, hold on, if I wait for X months, SAP will have a new solution out the door! I would look really stupid if I started a project on an older version.”

The challenge is, of course, that there is always going to be a bigger and bolder solution around the corner, so waiting for X+n months doesn’t help. It just postpones the agony of choice a bit.

Admittedly, SAP does have a habit of pushing out new solutions at quite a pace, sometimes cartwheeling at mindboggling speed. Some solutions go from hot to passé in no time, if you trust the marketing slides. For the individual CIO, responsible for making wise choices in terms of technology investments, this may be a nuisance and a source of uncertainty.

But for Bilot, it is a source of joy and excitement! Bilot has a track record of identifying new up-and-coming products even before they get incorporated in the mainstream SAP ecosystem. Every time a new solution of relevance pops up, we get our kicks out of digging into the solution, tearing it apart, analyzing it against competition and previous solutions, matching it for fit against enterprise architecture, and building prototypes around it in our lab (which, of course, houses a full set of field testing equipment, including SAP products such as ERP, CRM, HANA BO, etc..)

Then we take the knowledge gained, and assist our customers in doing the right choices, for solving real-world business needs – today, not X+n months from now. That’s what we do for a living – we’re in the business of making sense, when the market is in a state of constant change.

During the past 6 months, the market for e-commerce solutions for SAP customers has been in a tricky state. SAP announced and completed their plans to acquire hybris, the Gartner-praised leader in commerce platforms. In doing so, they also decided to terminate further development of SAP’s own e-commerce offering. More than enough excitement for customers trying to decide which horse to bet on in their technological roadmaps…

As with countless products before, eager Bilots disseminated the hybris commerce suite, poked at its soul, and we were happy with what we saw. We were also happy to be welcomed with open arms by the hybris ecosystem. And needless to say, we are also happy to remain at the cutting edge and core of SAP e-commerce development.

Let us help you make sense out of the market situation, by plotting out your individual commerce needs against the join SAP/Hybris roadmap, which we in turn plot out against your SAP enterprise architecture roadmap and turn into successful projects. We won’t bring a crystal ball or a fortune teller to the meetings, just a good dose of sense-making, rooted in our long history of guiding customers through SAP innovations.

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