How the CRM for B2B business should look like in 2021


How the CRM for B2B business should look like in 2021

CRM is still a capacious term. And its implementation result at organizations is still different from the initial vision, due to timeline, lack of preparation, compromises, cost savings, poor planning. What’s more important, „finished” projects are not continued. This continuous development (to still enable more to Business) is usually not done or done not enough. And yet there is so much that could be helpful, that could drive for better performance of our sales teams.

Following points are something that companies should strive for, something that will help enforce CRM as per vision, and is feasible as technology is more powerful:

„360 view” of a customer and contact – concept is still alive, although enabling it is a tough job. Not only from solution perspective but from organizational processes as well. Let’s imagine we can see in a common place:

CRM should be something that helps Sales rep indeed. But how?

Easy to use and helping in onboarding for incomers,

Help drive totally different BU’s,

The one open for next challenges,

CRM Product Owner with a team that,

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