Hotter than ever

Reading through Bilot’s employee satisfaction survey results has been an emotional experience for me this year. After only 17 months at Bilot I thought I am still on the honeymoon, but I was wrong. Bilot is stronger than ever and what I see, hear and feel every day is the real thing.

According to the survey all of our employees would recommend Bilot as an employer and everyone believes that Bilot will be successful in the future. This is huge. We concretely experience this when we recruit new people. Our staff wants to share this workplace with the best talents in their networks, and it is very easy to attract people that know our bilots. Internal employer brand is extremely important in this business. It lifts us very high as a company and it lifts every one of us.

80% of our staff participated in the survey and many of them shared their ideas and wishes very openly. This is the first thing I am grateful of. Bilots genuinely care about their company.

We renovated our survey and took a conscious risk when we touched the questions that had given us good results for many years already. We wanted to focus on two things. 1. How well do our values appear in our employees’ daily life? 2. How well does our own perception of our ‘ability to innovate and provide value to our customers’ materialize in reality in our customers’ business? Our employees answered these questions first and our customers’ turn was next. As we genuinely aspire to stand for more to our customers and to ourselves, it is essential go deep into this. The last open question in the survey gave us the most intriguing answers: “Imagine Bilot in the future. What kind of a company and work place will Bilot be?” One of the answers said it all: “Rock’n roll!”

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Kristiina Burtsoff