Heat wave is temporary, health wave is here to stay


Heat wave is temporary, health wave is here to stay

When the rest of the Finland is waiting for a heat wave, health wave has approached Bilot City. During the year we have reported mysterious activation among Bilots. First we had just floorball every Tuesday, Autumn Cooper test, running contests and occasional who lose more weight competitions but since it has spread tremendously.

It might have started with planking competition on the halls of Bilot City. Our own Office Coordinator/Personal trainer Heini Karjala started to organize wellbeing mornings every now and then giving tips to the fellow colleagues.

Bilot - We Sport For More. Healthwave is here to stay.

First brave ones took part for Firstbeat measurement to check their health status and getting valuable & personal information from our occupational health psychologist. More and more people have been seen taken stairs all the way up to 8th floor instead of elevator. Additionally, May-June Bilots have directed their nose to Hietsu to do some heavy outdoor training – not once but every week. Cycling and Mountain biking have raised as one of the most popular topics on coffee table discussions.

Not even talking about activities people have on their free time schedules: sailing, canoeing, rowing, swimming, climbing, running, gym, acrobatics, dancing just to name a few.

Bilot Nuts

Mr Ice cream keeps us sweet and cool

The healthy habits isn’t ending for sports activities. Consumption of cookies has decreased and Nutly delivery every two weeks has taken space over the cookie jars. (According to unofficial survey, the Organic Mango is definitely one of the favorites) Though not to go too extreme, we luckily we have our own ice cream delivery guy, Vesa “ice cream” Niininen, who keeps the citizens sweet and cool.

Creative sleepers

For us in HR this is music to ears that people are more and more aware of their health and healthy habits also spread around the organization. Regular daily physical activity has many benefits: It lowers risk of heart diseases (WHO.int: Physical Activity and Adults), diabetes, high blood pressure, controls stress and even improves creativity (Frontiersin.org: The impact of physical exercise on convergent and divergent thinking) and sleep. Our job as an employer is to enable healthy choices to be permanent and easy part of work-life balance for each.

We encourage that with standing tables, multi-space office, lunch vouchers and breaks, flexible working hours and remote work opportunity to name a few. Our next project is “meeting room Gym” to encourage people to exercise during the day too. Let’s see how creative we get then!

Heat wave is very temporary (even very random), health wave is here to stay!

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