Happy Birthday Bilot!

Bilot was born on September 1, 2005 and is thus seven years old yesterday. Three SAP BI consultants who had a true passion to build better solutions acted as midwives. They were soon followed by the rest of the founding partners and the first chapter of our success story was in the writing. My intention is not now to write the history of Bilot, I wanted merely to wish Bilot Happy Birthday!

I can’t resist the temptation to say a few words about what Bilot has become over the years. This September Bilot has 80 employees. We have an equal number of customers scaling from large listed companies to small, and in various industries. Business intelligence solutions still constitute a substantial part of our business. Our portfolio has however expanded to cover all relevant applications and technologies applied on top of ERP. As a strategic partner SAP has been accompanied by Microsoft a couple of years ago. Our long term strategy is credible and really interesting, all the more reason to stay tuned to our proceedings. And why not join the crew – we still believe in growth and continued success.

A lot has changed, what is still the same? We have managed to retain our easy going “getting things done” attitude and certain character and genuine straightforwardness I find hard to describe. Our pioneering spirit lives well, it is our signature of which we have solid proof and of which we are immensely proud of.

Even though customers are our priority, the well-being of our staff, the bilots (and co-bilots) is our fundament. Our aspiration is that everyone enjoys their work and that have a balanced work-life situation. We cannot expect to be innovative and energetic if we don’t take care of ourselves – our people is our only capital and that is good enough reason to invest in them. Our people are really amazing, a nice blend of different characters and the “veterans” are welcoming new bilots, senior and junior, all the time.

Quite regularly we spend time-off together. Often it is sports-related, but we also mostly unwind in a less athletic context and even play rock’n’roll when we get around to it. I am still recovering from yesterday’s Midnight Run (www. midnightrun.fi) where a dozen or so Bilots took part. I crossed the finish line among the last of us, but I seem to have shaved off seven minutes from my 2011 finish time – very appropriate indeed for our seventh birthday!

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