Hadoop – The Disruptive Technology of the Decade Part 1: Greetings from the Hadoop Summit 2015



This is the first part of the Hadoop blog series, starting from a quick recap from the Hadoop Summit 2015 in June. Next parts will be covering little more deeply technical and business aspects of the technological disruption caused by Hadoop and what changes organizations are facing on the road to be “Data-First” enterprises. Also scratching the topic “how, when, with whom?”, typical use cases and how Hadoop fits for example in the SAP landscape and architecture.


Hadoop – The Disruptive Technology of the Decade Part 1: Greetings from the Hadoop Summit 2015


In the beginning of June the 8th annual Hadoop Summit was held and co-hosted by Hortonworks and Yahoo!. The Hadoop Summit is the leading conference for the Apache Hadoop community. Where as the 1st Hadoop Summit 2008 hosted by Yahoo! had around 100 attendees, now more than 4000 people gathered to sunny and hot San Jose to catch the latest news, learn more about the Hadoop and hear user stories and cases. GE, Uber, TrueCar, Disney, eBay, PayPal, LinkedIn, Verizon, Rogers, Home Depot, Symantec, Schlumberger, Netflix, Yahoo!, just to name a few, who openly explained how they have not only solved their business issues with open source software around the Hadoop framework, but many times transformed their organization and business as well. Truly inspiring!


Some of the sessions by the sponsors or other technology vendors were too commercial for the nature of this Summit, but there were some hidden gems among as well. Otherwise many of the big sponsors weren’t that disappointing at all – but rather very surprising: there were many announcements towards contributing extensively to the open source community. Very nice side events were available as well, such as trainings, crash courses, partner events, industrial and strategy breakfast sessions and meet-ups. Two thumbs up for Hortonworks, Yahoo! and all the sponsors!


Having attended a lot of conferences around the world throughout my professional career, this time the enthusiasm and excitement were on a totally different level compared to any previous event. One could really feel that something special and disruptive is happening – right there, at that moment. And the forecasts backs up the same story as well: being $8 billion business at the moment (about evenly split between software, services and infrastructure), Hadoop is currently one of the quickest growing markets and even the most modest estimates for the year 2020 are more than $50 billion. Being a young market, e.g. Hortonworks has faced growth of 100+ new clients per quarter. Currently 40% of Fortune100 are either in production or experimenting Hadoop.


To summarize the Hadoop Summit 2015 in a couple of bullet points and few quotes:


A Few powerful quotes (might not be exactly word-by-word):


Keynote videos and recorded sessions available online here and presentations here.


Last but not least “We are hiring…” board featuring Netflix, Tesla, Hortonworks, SAP, Accenture etc. There has never been such a big skill gap in the recruiting market, thus sometimes digital < analog. Up yours digitalization:


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