Digitalization at the heart of business


Digitalization at the heart of business

Bilot’s latest acquisition strengthens its position as a full-service provider.
We offer our clients a stronger strategic vision for the design and implementation of digital services and business operations.

At the end of September, Bilot Plc acquired the entire share capital of Motley a design agency focused on the development of digital business.
With the acquisition, Jens Krogell, Motley’s CEO, took over as CEO of Bilot Plc at the beginning of November.

The company has now moved from plain online selling to holistically digital business.
This means that additional services are offered to customers as part of online selling to ensure a better customer experience. These services include real-time shipment tracking, which allows the customer on the construction site to monitor the arrival of goods and thus influence the efficiency of the site.
“In other words, efficient and effective digital service channels are no longer an organisational silo, but the core of the business,” Krogell sums up.

Bilot’s customer base includes medium-sized and large companies, some of which have been customers for more than 15 years. For many companies, the transition from conventional ways of doing business to more comprehensive digital processes offering value-added services, such as e-commerce, means reorganization, changes to strategy, and the creation of a new digital service offering.

An online store may look simple on the outside, but in reality, to create a unique customer experience, you need to integrate it to several other systems, such as a pricing solution or ERP.

This is the work that Bilot does to add value to its customers: a deep understanding and expertise in both service design and ERP integration with e-commerce and ongoing support services, bringing efficiency and savings to the customer’s critical business operations.

The role of digital services increases in the customer interface

The coronavirus pandemic, at the latest, has made clear the importance of effective digital commerce.

“The need to figure out how to organise a multi-channel service model is becoming clear to businesses. One major trend behind the reshaping of business models and back office systems is that companies are no longer just selling their own product and service offering, but also those of partners, creating their own marketplaces,” says Krogell.
At best, this can change a company’s entire position in the whole value chain.

“For example, a manufacturing organization can now use digital channels to sell directly to end-customers and at the same time serve its distributors and retailers better,” adds Riku Kärkkäinen, Business Unit Director, Customer Experience, at Bilot.

A win-win situation

“In the best-case scenario, the same digital services can be used by distributors, partners and end-customers alike, thanks to the solutions we have built,” Kärkkäinen explains. He also describes how the end-customer can be served faster – a fact that really brings significant added value to both the end-customer and the sales of the additional service.

“Added value is the point,” Krogell continues: “A competent partner in digital development is now even more important for companies seeking international growth. There is no product or service that couldn’t be sold digitally on a global scale.”
“By digitalising value-added services, a company can differentiate itself and ensure it’ll stay relevant,” Kärkkäinen concludes.

“We have now taken the leap from transactions to genuine digital interactive services, also in the b2b segment. Digitalization and data-driven commerce are growing rapidly in importance, which is why companies shouldn’t think that they can now rest on their laurels in this respect. Business needs to be continuously developed as competition is getting tougher every day,” adds Krogell.

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