The Designer Dilemma  – Part II: Visual Design


The Designer Dilemma – Part II: Visual Design

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At the king’s request, the members of Uxar’s band of artisans all took turns parading the king through the outskirts of the city, or wherever their plans could be inspected, and detailing the steps they were taking in order to raise Waterfall to the same legendary level as Agilus. The first to do so cheerfully introduced herself as Vide.

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“Great king, seeing as me and my friends all have titles that may seem similar to the untrained eye, we’ve decided to show you in practice what each one of us is doing for the betterment of your fair city.”, Vide explained and the king nodded in approval as they started circling the city limits in a royally embroidered, open-topped chariot.


“My role in this grand project is that of Visual Designer and that entails the overall look, style and feel planning of the redesign. I will make sure that the new state image of Waterfall is not simply a poor man’s imitation of your rival, but instead a wholesome, unique experience that can firmly claim its place among the wondrous sights and experiences of the world and that can be expanded to wherever your influence spreads and holds sway, from the royal regalia right down to the everyday common items and penchants found throughout your kingdom. The others will then incorporate the chosen design, or ‘brand’, aspects into their work so that every single creation that rises from the ashes of the past does so in visual and functional unity and as part of a specific, distinguishable whole.”

The old king listened intently as Vide lectured about the finer details of her work description. While the others were mostly focusing their initial efforts on the wall and the keep, Vide was responsible for the overall look and feel of Waterfall’s future. This not only included the preliminary design for the fortifications, but everything that might come after as well. She described how she had chosen a specific architectural style for the city, how she had wandered the city streets to determine the finer aesthetics and the colour patterns that were the most prevalent and how she had integrated this into the very image design of the new iteration Waterfall.


While the king could not claim to completely comprehend what Vide was talking about, most of what she said made sense to him. As dusk fell and the workers all laid down their tools for the evening, the king’s tour also came to a close. Vide took a bow, wished the king a good day and they parted ways.


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