Dancing salsa at work?


Dancing salsa at work?

We started a Wellness Mentor Program at Bilot together with LovelyLife. This project is supported by The Finnish Work Environment Fund. With this project we are gathering our own “Bilot’s core team”, who will be our wellness mentors network. In this blog series our Wellness Mentors share their thoughts and experiences during this journey.

As we spend a significant time of our adult life at work, approximatively 50% of our time awake, what could be nicer than being happy to go to work and meet your friends, not only your co-workers?

Bilot is one of the companies where you will find that more than 13% of employees have celebrated their 10 years anniversary at Bilot. Also, all the people who founded Bilot 15 years ago are still working here!

Yes, even when we are in a very concurrent market like the Nordic market, where recruiting and keeping happy and satisfied employees is like looking for diamond in a desert.

So, what’s the secret?

This is nothing new, the working atmosphere is clearly one of the main criteria when it comes to joining a company, but also when it comes to staying for several years.

In my point of view, one of the reasons most of us, not to say all of us, are satisfied with working at Bilot, is the good working atmosphere we have at Bilot. Even in this difficult period where we are working remotely, we are trying on a daily basis to keep, maintain, innovate, adapt and improve our wellbeing program for the wellbeing of our employees.

From ‘forcing’ our employees to take a break, encouraging exercise, meditate, walking meetings, nutrition recommendation, offering counselling from internal or external experts… avoiding micromanagement, ice-breaker sessions, to dancing remotely.

30 min Salsa dance break together to get the blood flowing is one of the activities I with many friends enjoy the most.

Lot of fun, humour but also dancing:

When it comes to ‘wellbeing at Bilot’ I’m not exaggerating that we need to write a book, maybe I will preface the book: “Wellbeing at Bilot, the sugar that compose the DNA!”

Thank you for your time reading my first blog post 😉

This blog is part of a series in which Bilot’s Wellness Mentors talk about their experiences with the program. See all the blog posts here »

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