Customer Engagement and Commerce done right

A few weeks ago headlines blasted out that SAP says CRM is dead – long live Customer Engagement and Commerce. The bold statement was timed to match with the release of hybris 5.3, the first release of hybris Commerce Suite which natively ties into SAP ERP, SAP Cloud 4 Customer and SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence, forming a solid platform of HANA-based customer analytics married with ERP-driven process execution. (Coincidentally, Bilot has been married with all those partners for a long time!)

Behind the big death statements, I’d say this really boils down to getting the old omni-channel promise done right: Know your customer and what he needs, and give him individual, consistent, relevant service and offerings in all situations, across channels and touchpoints. In the warehouse. On the phone. In the store. On the web. On the shop floor. During contract negotiations over a fine (or greasy) dinner. It’s ambitious, but not rocket science. Still a lot of companies get it all wrong today.

Some recent, unfortunate experiences of customer engagement failure:

And the list goes on and on. All of these failures to serve in a consistent, personalized, context-sensitive manner could have easily been solved with a few lines of code. Getting it right is not about technology – it’s about the way you think about Customer Engagement.

This is why companies need to stop thinking in silos.

This is why companies seriously should consider estabilishing positions like the CDO and CXO- cross-discplinary offices fuelling customer engagement and digital business in a data-driven manner. Put them in the driver’s seat before you start thinking about technology.

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