BilotGo.ai 2019 is a wrap

The succession to last year’s historic reverse AI hackathon BilotGo.ai is now over and we have a winner! With confetti showers and oversized champagne, it is a pleasure to announce that team Valtiontalouden Tarkastusvirasto VTV (National Audit Office of Finland) was elected as the best team.

Our prominent jury comprised of Jussi Tolvanen (Managing Director, Microsoft Finland), Rasmus Roiha (Managing Director, Ohjelmisto- ja e-Business Ry, Taneli Leppä (Customer Engineer, Google Cloud) and Otto Virtomaa (Head of Digital Business Services, SAP Finland).

The level of competition was very good, but the jury was finally unanimous. In their summary, led by Jury spokesperson Jussi Tolvanen, the verdict was eventually very clear, but in reality, all three cases were of really high standards and sophistication, and selecting the winner was very hard. Here is the summary of the jury’s argumentation.

On Skanska – “Very good in utilising AI and business value was well considered. The main question was whether there is a similar solution out on the market.”

On Metsä – “There were very clear business problems to be solved. They were very clear and fairly productized solutions, the main question remained was how to implement them. The jury wondered if by solving the primary solution, was the team’s BilotGo.ai solution actually creating a new one or a substitute for the new.”

On VTV – “A big goal and a big ambition. It will change the overall work in the organization and that auditors were heavily involved in the discussion. The team and customer commitment was very good and this was visible in the presentation as well. The biggest potential in the use of AI and data was still just scratching the surface and seen to have great potential in the future.”

As we saw already last year, BilotGo.ai seems to be a good platform to not only build thought leadership, but also to plant the seed for future development projects in this area. Reportedly Reima’s BilotGo.ai solution from last year’s competition is going to be further developed into a mobile application with worldwide coverage, meaning that all four of last year’s BilotGo cases have now proceeded from the POC stage to actual implementation.

VTV’s case already scored some international coverage and seems to be attracting appeal as far as South America!

The happy winners of BilotGo.ai 2019: team VTV.

Want to hear more about this year’s BilotGo.ai? Attend our event on September 12th!

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