Bilot SAP Field Service Management Cloud  for service


Bilot SAP Field Service Management Cloud for service

What is FSM?

Recently, SAP has invested quite intensively in cloud products and acquired several innovative solutions, thus extending the capabilities of the flagship SAP Service Cloud product (, One of the most interesting solutions is the Field Service Management of the Swiss company Coresystems, which was renamed by SAP Field Service Management. The solution obtained by SAP focuses on comprehensive management of the service process and the work of field service technicians.

How does FSM work?

We can look at the functionalities of SAP Field Service Management (FSM) from two sides:

– from the clients’ side and

– service Staff.

Customer perspective

In the case of a device failure, the Customer can choose from a number of options to report a service incident.

The customer can use a dedicated portal. It has been designed in such a way that the entire service process, relating to reporting incidents and tracking their status is transparent and user-friendly. When reporting an incident, the client is supported by the ticket creation wizard. Thanks to the wizard’s support, the user, when creating a request, provides the website employees with all the necessary information. Due to this, the application is fully automated and contact with the client is at a minimum. In addition, the system collects information on all archived notifications and allows tracking of the current notifications statuses.

Another interesting option is the possibility of using a sticker with a QR code placed on the device and an interactive chatbot that will guide the customer through the entire process. After scanning the barcode on the device, the customer is redirected to a website that allows him to create a service request, as well as arranging a technician’s visit at a time convenient for the client. It is worth adding that using this functionality the client can also order the missing part, find the device manual and call the technical hotline. Of course, the system also supports the traditional form of incident reporting, such as e-mail and telephone.

Service workers perspective

One of the main advantages of FSM is that service call dispatchers receive the complete data needed to perform the service. All information regarding incidents, availability of service personnel, location, skills, etc. is in one place. This significantly speeds up the process of redirecting requests to the most appropriate service employee. Technicians use a dedicated, mobile application that works both online and offline, can focus on quick problem solving, because they have all the necessary information at hand. There is no need to obtain information from multiple sources and unnecessary contacts with dispatchers.

Main functionalities of FSM

SelfService modulea client dedicated portal for reporting and monitoring reports. The portal contains an entire history of customer requests, along with a list of devices assigned to them. In the portal, you can also find manuals for the customer’s devices and order missing parts. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of tracing the location of the technician handling a given request.

ChatBot QR Code –  allows the possibility of quick failure reporting by scanning the QR code of the user. No need to install an additional application. The system opens a link directly to the device paired with the QR code.  

Dispatcher modulethe heart of the FSM system. All incidents and technicians are in one place. The dispatcher has two options – to assign technicians through the Planner using the mechanism of finding the perfect technician (with is based on competences keys to the repair process) or through assigning them using the Drag and Drop option. The availability of technicians (vacation plans, etc.) is visible on the Planner board. Additionally, FSM supports the Planner with a map view, which allows quick access to the location of technicians and reported failures.

Technicians modulea dedicated application for field workers. No internet connection is needed. All reports collected in one place. Effective communication between the technician and the Planner. Integrated navigation, recording of working time, materials used, checklists and service protocols are just some of the elements of the application. 

Knowledge base, smart formsan extensive tool for creating a knowledge base on devices, procedures and internal procedures of the organization. The possibility of using the module in service requests – automatic checklists (necessary steps performed as part of a request).

Analytics modulereports and dashboards offered by FSM enable the creation of data queries and dashboards that allows tracking of key data such as KPIs or the quality of services offered.

Integration and data managementpredefined integrations with the SAP ecosystem: Sap Sales Cloud, Sap Service Cloud, SAP ECC, SAP S / 4 HANA. As part of the standard, the system offers, among others, the integration of such facilities as customers, service requests, products / devices, working time, expenses, inventory and parts wear, etc.

Crowd Service a dedicated platform for external service employees, which can be compared to an Uber solution. Functionality that allows the organization to be flexible and more competitive on the market.

FSM as part of the S/4 HANA Cloud

An incredible advantage of using SAP FSM is the ability to quickly integrate with the SAP cloud ecosystem. Thanks to predefined integrations of Field Service Management, along with solutions from the Sap family Cloud (C4C) and ERP (SAP S / 4 or ECC), carries out the end-to-end service process.

In such a landscape, the complaint / defect handling process may look like this: the notification is sent to the C4C system, where it is queued and pre-analyzed. Then the incident is processed to FSM, where the report is assigned to the appropriate technician. A service worker uses the FSM application to process the request and make the necessary repairs. The closed order goes to the S / 4 system, which is responsible for accounting processes, including invoice generation and payments for the customer.

For whom is SAP FSM?

SAP FSM is a product for small business entities or large enterprises that care about efficient and effective handling of service processes and customer satisfaction. SAP FSM is a scalable, cloud-based solution, which can be quickly implemented in the organization and allows the organization to benefit from the implemented solutions. SAP FSM will be perfected as an independent tool for comprehensive service support. Thanks to predefined integrations, it fits perfectly into the cloud landscape of SAP Enterprise solutions, being an ideal extension for SAP Sales / Service Cloud and SAP S/4 modules.

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