Bilot Runs Better

Once again Bilot took part in the Helsinki City Run half-marathon, which was run yesterday. Nearly half of the company registered which is a fantastic achievement. We had a couple of inevitable cancellations but over 20 ran the distance and celebrated their victory with thousands of others inside the sunny Olympic Stadium. This year more than 15.000 runners took part in the HCR.

This year we tried to be a little more organized than before. We maintained a practice journal in our office since the beginning of the year and this has helped many of us keep a steady pace in exercising. The journal was placed right in the middle of our main lounge and everyone coming to our office saw that Bilot indeed runs quite a bit and some of the most eager ones registered over 20 practice runs a month. We got all the participants bright white running shirts with logos and our HCR slogan “Bilot Runs Better” stamped on the back.

Even though our participation is more about taking part, winning oneself and endorsing healthy values than competing with others, the results were pretty darn awesome – the fastest bilots crossed the finish line in under 1’40’’(top 3: Tuomo Tähtinen 1’36’’, Johannes Mitronen 1’38’’, Leena Pettersson 1’42’’), which is a very respectable performance indeed. (http://www.marathontulokset.fi/results/2012/hcr/?lang=fi&pagenum=0&hcmyear=2012&hcmid=3&runnernro=&lname=&fname=&teamname=bilot&hcmserie=999993&retrieve=%C2%BB&timepoint=1)

As for myself, with an objective nothing more than just crossing the finish line, with a secondary target of doing so in under 2,5 hours, I was happy to see that both targets were met. Legs burning from lactic acid, tired but content, I am already looking forward to the next run!

The huge crowd along the scenic route was amazing, lots of encouragement and rooting and for myself at least, this really helped keeping a steady pace and continuing kilometer after kilometer. Overall, a really great event. And once again, congratulations to all participating bilots! Well done.

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