Bilot releases Beta version of AI-JACK for R, an open source AI accelerator on GitHub


Bilot releases Beta version of AI-JACK for R, an open source AI accelerator on GitHub

Bilot Plc (Helsinki, Finland) is today releasing the Beta version of its AI accelerator AI-JACK for R on GitHub. AI-JACK is a tool intended for data scientists to help them automate fundamental steps in AI/ML solution deliveries.

AI-JACK has separate modules for data source connection, pre-processing, training and evaluating various types of models, versioning and eventually publishing.

“We are thrilled to publish this extraordinary tool for everyone to explore and use. We hope that our open-source approach will bear fruit and the global community of data scientists will embrace AI-JACK as one of their tools-of-choice for AI/ML projects” says Mikko Koljonen, Director, Emerging Business.

“Our machine learning experts have done remarkable work in developing such a tool. We are committed in working together with the data scientist community in order to further develop the tool and its functionalities. We are also looking forward to releasing a Python version of AI-JACK later this year” adds Mika Laukkanen, Evangelist and AI-JACK Product Owner.

AI-JACK for R Beta version is now available on GitHub: AI-JACK-opensource-R

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