Bilot partners with US-based IoT Platform  Provider ThingWorx in Finland


Bilot partners with US-based IoT Platform Provider ThingWorx in Finland

Bilot Joins the ThingWorx Partner Program as a Systems Integrator Partner


Bilot announced today that it has joined the ThingWorx Partner Program as a Systems Integratorto deliver Internet-of-Things solutions built on the PTC ThingWorx® application enablement platform. ThingWorx is designed to reduce the time, cost, and risk required to build and run the applications for the smart connected world. Bilot will leverage the ThingWorx platform to provide customers with cutting-edge IoT applications that offer world-class functionality and are built using a minimum of code.


By joining the ThingWorx Systems Integrator Partner program, Bilot will further strengthen its ability to implement enterprise-level big data and IoT solutions. So far Bilot has been known in the big data space for being a forerunner with SAP HANA, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, and Hortonworks Hadoop big data technologies in Finland.


“Partnering with ThingWorx boosts our capabilities to build highly visual and functionally rich IoT solutions quickly and affordably. As minimal coding is required with ThingWorx, the time-to-market for IoT applications is shortened significantly. ThingWorx has more than 100 IoT customer implementations world-wide with documented reference cases and has world-class experience working with a broadly horizontal customer base involving IoT scenarios,” says Jani Puroranta, Director of Business Information Solutions at Bilot.


“We welcome Bilot to the ThingWorx Partner Program as a System Integrator,” said Duke Sullivan, VP, Strategic Partners at ThingWorx. “We see Finland as a hot market for IoT and view Bilot’s long-standing experience in delivering high-value enterprise solutions as complementary to our ability to enable the development of applications that optimize business processes in companies of all sizes and accelerate the adoption of Internet-of-Things strategies in Finland.”


For more information, please contact Jani Puroranta, Director of Business Information Solutions at Bilot +358 50 517 9992


Bilot is a software and growth company founded in 2005. The company is known as a forerunner in developing and implementing the latest SAP and Microsoft –based solutions. Bilot’s own Smart product family forms a Digital Business Platform that brings usability, performance, cost efficiency, and reliability to enterprise solutions. Bilot is owned by its personnel and is located in Helsinki, Finland and Poznan, Poland. The company turnover was 15 MEUR in 2014 and it employs 130 talented visionaries and thought leaders in its technology realm.


ThingWorx System Integrator Program

ThingWorx™ Partners provide a wide variety of products and services throughout the entire IoT value chain – from software systems and cloud platforms to smart sensors, devices, gateways and system integration services that make the connected world a reality.  The ThingWorx Partner Program allows System Integrators to enable their teams with expertise around the ThingWorx rapid application development platform greatly simplifying the architecture, implementation and deployment of IoT solutions.  ThingWorx System Integrator partners reduce the cost and risk of Internet of Things deployments for end customers, helping accelerate the growth of the overall space.


ThingWorx is already established in the Nordic IoT scene. In Finland, Elisa Oyj is using ThingWorx as a platform for Elisa IoT service, a cloud platform and service for agile IoT development. Also the Swedish Tele2 is powering their Tele2 IoT Portal with ThingWorx. ThingWorx and PTC are trademarks or registered trademarks of PTC Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.

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