Bilot and Louhia Analytics join forces to boost growth and bring machine learning and artificial intelligence to everyday business

The merger of Bilot and Louhia creates an agile and pragmatic company with around 140 employees, a perfect partner for businesses who wish to create a competitive advantage by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning in their everyday business and business systems.

The two companies form an international artificial intelligence expert with long traditions in advanced analytics and a world-class solution and service deck for the digitization of large and medium-sized businesses.

Bilot’s clientele is mainly large and medium-sized Finnish and international companies, to whom Bilot has been providing extensive online sales and customer interface solutions, core business processes development and advanced analytics since 2005.

Louhia, for its part, has focused on developing customer business in machine learning, artificial intelligence, knowledge management and analytics. The total turnover of the two companies last year was 16 M €.

Bilot and Louhia’s value proposition enhances the competitive edge of customers by combining machine learning and artificial intelligence with core business processes and systems. Software solutions and project implementations are based on market-leading software platforms and cloud-based development. The success of the solutions is ensured through analytical know-how, service design, usability planning and agile development methods.

Bilot and Louhia believe that artificial intelligence will soon be a natural part of the digital capability of companies, and they are confident in their ability to help more and more companies in the future, while simultaneously growing faster than the market in Finland and internationally.

“Louhia has gained customer trust by focusing on their core know-how – artificial intelligence and machine learning used in realistic, real-life implementations of real business problems, instead of vague hype. Our values ​​and cultures are very similar – to talk the talk, we must first walk the walk. This is a tremendous opportunity to bring artificial intelligence into business solutions which support customer encounters and engagement, such as marketing automation, CRM, online sales or other solutions aiming to digitalize the customer relationship,” says Bilot CEO Mika Tanner.

 Louhia’s founder and CEO Mika Laukkanen continues:

“Louhia and Bilot have co-operated on several joint projects, during which it became evident that our business skills complement each other very well. You could say that our common customers brought us together. The co-operations went so smoothly and efficiently that we began to think we could both accomplish more together than separately.”

Fresh practical examples of Bilot-Louhia skills are on display at an event on September 6th, 2018, where we will be presenting the results of the BilotGo.ai reverse hackathon which went on in the spring of 2018. During the hackathon, the companies implemented AI- and machine learning-based business solutions for Kone, Altia, Raisioagro and Reima.




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Bilot is a software and growth company founded in 2005. Bilot implements its customers’ heavyweight solutions and agile, customer-oriented business environments. Bilot is known for its ability to identify the most significant innovations in the industry and its ability to implement them into practical business without sacrificing quality. The company’s offices are located in Ruoholahti in Helsinki and in Poznan, Poland. Turnover (2017) is 15 million euros and the company currently employs around 130 professionals.


Founded in 2016, Louhia Analytics is a leading expert in management consulting, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, whose mission is to help customers transform different data assets into business benefits. Offices are located in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Joensuu. The company’s turnover (2017) is one million euros and it currently employs 10 experts.

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Bilot & Vincit have joined forces!

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