“Bilot is a workplace that develops an employee professionally and personally”


“Bilot is a workplace that develops an employee professionally and personally”

Radosław Stefaniak works as a Business Lead in Poznań, Poland. He oversees a team of six people and has worked for the company since 2015. Radek sees Bilot as an excellent place to get into doing rewarding work that encourages professional development.

When Bilot was about to open their office in Poznań, they needed to find good employees to take things further. Radek was one of the first people they headhunted.

– I saw it as an opportunity to get much more into CRM and Customer Engagement applications. I wanted to search for broader knowledge and cloud experience, so the decision to join their team turned out to be pretty easy, he now remembers.

Radek started as a CRM consultant. When the first cloud project was done, it was clear that they needed more people to support the growth. This is when Radek was made a team lead.

– Today, my role is kind of a leader of a team. I truly support them. Our consultants encounter different kinds of issues periodically so I try to support and assist them in making decisions by themselves, Radek says.

Something to be proud of

The thing Radek has liked best in his work is to see how hard work transforms into a working product for the customer.

– One project might last for a year. Only afterward we can see how much sweat was actually given. It always brings a smile on my face, Radek laughs.

– We need to be able to deliver our customers what has been promised. Once you can see that our CRM has been well adapted into an organization, you know you have accomplished something pretty nice, he continues.

For people who want to exceed customers’ expectations

As for Bilot as a company, Radek has been impressed with how they have been able to push bureaucracy into a minimum.

Radek Stefaniak.

– Bilot is a pretty flexible company. It’s not a big corporation with heavy management. We can be flexible in making decisions, which is a very good thing.

According to Radek, Bilot is not for everyone. For responsible team players who want to exceed customers’ expectations, however, it’s the perfect place.

– I would advise people who have interesting work experience and education behind them to absolutely apply. This really is fascinating work. As for myself, I now have a much wider perspective from the customer experience area in addition to CRM.

– My time at Bilot has developed me personally and professionally a lot. I’m a completely different person than I was before I came here, he concludes.

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