Bilot HANA 1.0

It is not every day when our seasoned senior solution experts and solution architects get genuinely excited about (so-called) new solutions and innovations. They’ve seen and done enough to demote software vendors’ long leaps in technology bluntly as marketing stunts or as at their best, as minor advancements. There is so much slideware floating around, we have become poisoned with skepticism – not to mention being agnostic by nature.

Lately our experts have had reason to feel the tickle of excitement for good reason – Bilot has been proofing SAP HANA. We delivered a proof-of-concept for one of our customers and saw for ourselves that the HANA promise is proving to be largely true. What a relief!

We presented the case today at an event co-hosted by SAP, HP and Bilot. We had put HANA to a true test where we didn’t give it any unfair advantage but compared with BW in a neutral scenario. The results in performance (speed) were indeed amazing, up to 170 times faster rendering of data compared to BW. And this was in a relatively relaxed amount of data. When extrapolating these results with more volume, the results were even more amazing. When the customer saw this, they caught fire with excitement as well.

I suppose this kind of software innovation is what we expect of giants like SAP. It has the ingredients to be a true game changer. When in Walldorf last week, it was made quite clear to me how massive the investment and effort is in HANA. It seems to have changed the gravity of software development and most projects rotate around HANA.

Bilot is prepared for “going HANA” and once adoption of the platform starts to increase, we will be in the forefront of the development. As usual….

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