Become truly customer centric with Emarsys


Become truly customer centric with Emarsys

Let´s start with a statement. Today’s consumer expects a certain degree of personalization in all forms of communication. The business that manages to gather all the customer data they have and use it effectively in communication, suggestions and predictions – will most likely win that customers business. Nothing is certain of course, but with educated guesses based on historical success stories and best practices gathered from the industry leading companies – we can say with relative certainty that we will get impressive results by customizing and personalizing our messages, workflows and nonverbal communication.

In our previous blog post, we discussed the many ways Emarsys marketing platform can incorporate customer data, AI and guided marketing tools to propel the marketeer towards meaningful business impact.

What sets Emarsys apart from other platforms, it is the platforms willingness to support omnichannel customization with different tried and tested tactics that will help marketeers achieve a quick time to value. The platform enables you to use tried and tested tactics, add your own automation steps and create a unified approach to marketing. If we also account for the block-based editor included in Emarsys – we can confidently say that the omnichannel personalization journey is no longer a multi-platform multiteam effort and tens of man days away. It now happens with a few clicks, as it should in 2022. Let me show you how it basically works.

Know your numbers!

Let´s kick it off with the dashboards. As a marketeer – you should always know your numbers – or at least be able to deliver numbers quickly and with relative ease. With Emarsys – you have a view of all the relevant metrics related to your business strategy and key objectives in your Strategic dashboard. Emarsys gathers all of the relevant metrics on your performance in one fully customizable view, where you can determine how your omnichannel communication is performing on a whole.

Knowing your numbers gives you power to make data driven business decisions and build momentum for your business objectives – whether it is building brand loyalty or turning your first-time buyers to repeat customers. Now you can drive profitable and predictable growth from the offset. Knowing which campaigns are delivering and know the revenue impact of your marketing automation – that knowledge is worth the marketeers weight in gold right? With a few clicks in the setup phase you can have an impressive looking report at your fingertips, along with the beautiful built-in graphs that Emarsys produces.

Automation programs are attributed to objectives

Simple but effective tactics to power your automation

Underneath these dashboards and strategic objectives, Emarsys helps the marketeers using the platform with automation programs that are made for specific purposes and business need of the user. These automation programs are called tactics, something that will pave the way in accelerating your time to value with Emarsys. The reason they are called tactics – is that they are tried and tested forms of automation taken from the most successful customer cases and copied over to all Emarsys users, so the marketeers do not have to start from scratch. For the purposes of this post, let´s choose a tactic and edit the automation program in the included workflow editor.

Select the right tactic based on your objective

Emarsys makes getting started with the system very easy from the start thanks to it´s intuitive UI. You can sort all the interesting tactics by choosing the categories from the left and the corresponding strategy below. In the image shown above we are focusing on customer lifecycle tactics and our main strategy is drive purchase frequency. Now we can start building our very own automation program using this predefined tactic. Our aim here is to get those online store buyers to repeat buyers using this tactic. Our second step is to choose what channels we want to include in this automation program.

Select the channels for this tactic

Just to showcase the editor, I will focus on Email marketing and CRM ads (meaning Facebook + Google ads). The automation program is then created in a few seconds and you can start editing the flow. The editor itself is quite intuitive – once again the menu is on the left, containing entry points, actions and channels you can use per your access in Emarsys.

In the figure below, we are checking for first time buyers once per day then we are sending them an email with targeted content. After waiting for 3 days before checking if they purchased a product, we are sending them a different email and then adding them to our marketing audience. There are then some periodical checks set up in this tactic before removing them from the audience.

Automation editor

Emarsys allows the marketeer to define and freely edit every step of this automation program, but the initial structure is pre-determined by the previously selected tactic. There is no limitations really outside of logic, just drag, drop and connect necessary steps. Double click any node to edit parameters such as which segments to include in segment nodes or select which email to send in the send email nodes. One possible scenario I personally created is sending the same e-mail with different pictures depending on what the job title of the contact person was. The level of customization is immense – all thanks to the structure of the system and the possibilities that help you deliver a true 1:1 personalized omnichannel experience.

Building powerful emails with the block-based editor tool

Further adding to the personalization topic – Emarsys contains a built in block-based editor that will allow it´s users to create powerful email templates that can be customized to match the segments the email is being sent to. The editing suite is much like the automation program editor – fully drag and drop and requires no coding. Of course there is an option to write custom code if that is the preferred way to style your email.

block based editor

But for someone like me who does not code, I could create complex emails for different segments including some product suggestion blocks based on the built-in AI. The possibilities are quite broad when you factor in the Emarsys scripting language that allowed me to send emails on behalf of the salesperson in the CRM. Again, another example of a more personal approach to entire segments with a few clicks and scripting rules.

Once your template is ready, you can use the email editor to add content and select the images to display in those emails. For instance, I was able to create an email template, an A/B testing automation flow and 2 different email contents using the same template within 15 minutes – a testament to the ease of use when it comes to the block-based editor tool.

Predictable growth with Emarsys via agile customer experience

We have only scratched the surface on what Emarsys can offer. The two different aspects of a Marketing automation program I showed you today, normally can take multiple systems and many days to create. I was able to do it in a few clicks thanks to Emarsys´ guided marketing principle. If you want to, there is a lot of customization options and different channels to ensure that you are sending the type of content that your consumers want to consume.

The future of your business, like many others, is in customer experience. If you are interested in using Emarsys to produce measurable business results, do not hesitate to reach out to us and discuss incorporating Emarsys into your omnichannel marketing strategy.

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