Back to work feeling happy?

Getting back to work after holiday is always somewhat unpleasant. If you do not agree, I have one word for you: “Seriously”? I didn’t feel so great when I left home this morning after walking the dog three hours before my normal holiday wake-up time. Even the dog went right back to sleep with the rest of the family.

But when I came to work there were some great people at the office, despite the hot Finnish holiday season in July, and made this whole ordeal a lot easier for me to handle. Three young ladies welcomed me back to the administration’s office, smiling, like this was just another day at Bilot. As it was. There was also one very nice gentleman in the kitchen, who gave me his support for the first challenging day, and ensured me that it will get easier in one week. I am sure he is right because he is a clever man and had personal experience.

It’s a known fact that if you have forgotten your passwords during the holiday, your holiday has been a success. But what should I think about my holiday, when I didn’t remember in which floor Bilot is located when I stood in the elevator looking dumb?

Holiday is just good. It is even better if you live in Finland. I have a theory about the Finnish need for long summer holiday. Human beings as creatures need fixed amount of sunlight to survive. In Finland we have very little sunlight during the long winter, hardly any for 6 months, and therefore we need so much free time during the sunny season just to fill up our sunlight reserves. That is also the reason why we like to go to sauna and swim naked. Just to maximize our charging.

If you feel anxiety when returning to work from your holiday, trust me, you’ll get over it in a week.

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