The astrada5 pricing and profitability management solution: now in Finland

In the end of 2017, Bilot formed a strategic partnership with Swedish software company Astrada regarding the pricing and profitability management solution astrada5 in Finland and Poland. We have provided profitability management and analytics solutions especially for the production, wholesale, retail and logistics industries.

”We wanted astrada5 into our Profitability Management portfolio because we’ve long recognized the need for a modern tool which makes it simple to model allocation of resources, and where we can build rather complex material use and cost models in one simple solution. Further important factors are a competitive pricing model and the company’s strong commitment to customers and creating solutions. Astrada5 is a much-awaited answer to our customers’ needs,” explains Bilot’s Pricing & Profitability Management Business Lead Samuli Sikanen.

Competitive advantage through better understanding of pricing and profitability

Astrada5 is a modern solution which enables the modelling of all business areas within one system in order to produce a customer- and product-specific profit calculation. This brings into view which factors affect profit or loss. The solution also provides a visual simulation of the cost and profitability effects of different strategic changes, based on variables entered by the user.

A better understanding of costs and profitability creates a competitive advantage regarding business development, which aids particularly in pricing, increasing cost-efficiency, and optimizing profitability.

Astrada pricing and profitability management solution

”We recognized the need for an advanced profitability management solution even back in the 90’s when working as business consultants. Our aim has always been to create a dynamic and customer-centred solution to model profit and cost flows. We are constantly developing our tools, which shows in the modern user interface and versatile functions of the newest astrada version. If our customers find need for development, we react quickly,” says Astrada CEO Tomas Bandmann.

Astrada5 is a cost-effective solution with usability and implementation speed in a league of its own. The system is used by Outokumpu, Alfa Laval and Volvo Trucks, along with other users in the production and process industries, the banking and finance sector, wholesale business and healthcare. Astrada5 is a suitable solution for any business, and the licensing model makes implementation financially possible in both small and large companies.

”We’re very excited to be working together with Bilot! They have a straight-forward, open, customer-focused and professional business culture. We believe Astrada5 makes a fine addition to Bilot’s product portfolio and will be a good fit for our customers’ BI solutions in the Finnish and Polish markets,” continues Bandmann.

For further information

Bilot Consulting Oy: Samuli Sikanen, Business Lead, Pricing & Profitability Management, +358 (0)50 5989196

Astrada AB: Tomas Bandmann, CEO, +46 (0)73 6408086, tomas.bandmann@astrada.se

Astrada AS is a Swedish software company and the developer of the astrada5 pricing and profitability management solution. Founded in 2002, Astrada focuses on developing pricing and profitability management solutions, implementation and effective update processes. Astrada5 can be used to calculate costs and profitability relating to functions, products or customers, and can be used to support decision-making in pricing, profitability development, business development and strategic planning. Astrada has several customers in e.g. the production, wholesale, banking and healthcare industries, and is a partner of Microsoft, Oracle and Qlik. Astrada employs 20 professionals. Turnover for the company is 2,5 MEUR.

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