A year on the job

I just started my second year at the helm of Bilot. Looking back at the past year it has been truly an exciting one. It has been a time of change and learning and doing new things, not the least being our repatriation from France, finding a new home, reintegrating the family back to the Finnish system and getting used to the luscious arctic conditions once again. From a vocational perspective, stepping on-board Bilot has of course dominated the year.

Discovering Bilot has genuinely been an amazing experience. It has been rewarding to encounter a growing clientele of prominent companies who see Bilot as a true value provider with proven and exceptional expertise in a very competitive environment. The software and related services industry is undergoing constant change and at an accelerating pace – keeping up with this change, growing faster than the market, succeeding in attracting (and retaining) the best talents and winning over new customers are achievements Bilot is duly proud of. Goes without saying, the seed of this success was planted years ago and is the result of hard work, natural intuition and a strong will to succeed of those before me – I have merely had the privilege of joining this winning team and sincerely hope that I will manage to keep the company on its current successful flight path towards continued fame.

Even more rewarding has been getting to work with this unique group of humble, talented and passionate professionals who clearly have their heart in what they do – and damn they’re a hard-working bunch! Bilots (as we call ourselves) also enjoy doing things together off-duty, whether it is running, playing xbox, partying or playing rock’n’roll. Keeping up a good spirit makes the hard work less arduous and it comes in handy when the going gets tough.

Looking forward…Bilot is working on some pretty cool stuff. As always. We have our sleeves rolled up and we’re engineering and delivering solutions that will once again be ones first in the market. We intend to continue our ride on the crest of the waves and we will be coming out with more customer success stories, ground breaking ideas and better business solutions. It’s what we do best.

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Mika Tanner

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