“A workplace that adapts to employees’ ambitions”


“A workplace that adapts to employees’ ambitions”

Markus Grant has worked for Bilot as a Senior Consultant since October 2013. Today, he works in the customer experience field and his main areas of focus cover marketing automation, customer relationship management, and CRM operations. Bilot has proven to be an employer that listens to its employees and gives them room to develop.

Originally from the UK, Markus moved to Finland over ten years ago to work for Nokia. When the tide of Nokia turned and they eventually started to outsource more and more of their employees, Markus got a call from his former line manager who now worked for Bilot. He was looking for new people to join his team and asked if Markus would be interested.

– He was looking for an SAP and CRM consultant. I was very intrigued and decided to give it a go, Markus tells now, almost seven years later.

Strong emphasis on personal development

The reason Markus has stayed at Bilot for so long is that he genuinely likes his job. The projects he works in vary greatly from customer to customer and no day is similar to another. Employees also have a say in what kind of projects they want to focus on.

markus grant
Markus Grant.

– There really are no fixed career paths. Rather, we’re pretty free to choose the areas we want to develop in and there’s certainly a strong emphasis on self-development. If we want to, it’s easy to do additional studies and different types of training. However, I’d say it’s mainly technical career paths that Bilot offers.

When Markus started in 2013, he used to work a lot with CRM. Today, he focuses more on marketing automation and digital marketing.

– It’s something I prefer, really. I guess you could say that I’m quite deeply a technical person. I work less directly with the customer than some of our people and focus more on the technical side. My customer service skills have gotten better over the years though. There has been some development, Markus says and laughs.

For people who want to improve their professional skills

When asked what’s the number one thing of Bilot as an employer, Markus doesn’t have to think for an answer too long.

– I think it’s the trust. There’s no micromanaging and we get a lot of responsibility. The work is interesting and the customers are easy to work with. Also, because our clients aren’t the biggest in the industry there’s not that much red tape.

As for what kind of people Markus would like to apply for a job at Bilot, the answer is twofold.

– First, I would like to see juniors who come fresh from their studies because they bring in fresh ideas and new ways of working. Then, of course, we are looking for those highly skilled consultants who already have experience under their belts. But in the end, it doesn’t matter what the background is, as long as you’re eager to learn and develop yourself, Markus concludes.

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