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On March 5, 2014, Bilot will be taking the stage as Platinum Partner at SAP’s Innovation Forum. We decided to position ourselves in the front row, not so we can show off, but because we genuinely feel that our current and future agenda is very relevant.

Our roots are buried in an attitude of doing things positively differently and exploiting the newest technology, building to coolest solutions – provided there is customer value in doing so. Sometimes (admittedly very often) also just for the fun of it and for showing off.

Why is 2014 any different than other years? Why do we now feel and urge to be more exposed at SAP’s largest event?

The technology environment has been changing all the time and no new megatrends or hype-words have been revealed in the past months. What is so special about this year’s event – for us? One can feel the change in the climate of customer expectations. And a rumble coming from the shift of continental shelves on planet ERP. These anticipate a quake in enterprise software evolution which will affect pretty much everything. It will not result in just a single eruption of a single megatrend and it will probably not ignite something tangible or visible in the very near term. But it will commence an imminent and permanent change – not at all threatening, but rather full of opportunity and possibilities.

In the near term, I expect there still to be a very distinct change in our customers’ attitudes, in software strategies regarding deployment, acquisition, business focus and partnering. Our times amplify this change and we need to be prepared for this, well in advance.

SAP has successfully managed change for over 40 years, it has become a superpower in shaping the enterprise application development. Over the years, I hope to have learned to filter the relevant truths from their marketing hype, but also I have learned to trust that the direction SAP sets is mostly reliable in the long run. Being close to SAP, having it as a cornerstone of our long-term strategy and standing on the stage they build for us makes now more sense than before. The SAP Innovation Forum is very relevant for us in 2014…


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