10 things about Tableau 10: New Interface

As Tableau 10 is fresh out of the oven, let’s take a bit of time to go over some of the new features and changes in the newest version of the awesome analytics tool. I’m calling this series of blog posts “10 things about Tableau 10“, in which I’ll be going into detail about 10 new features, which I personally feel make the new version a winner.

Brand new interface

With the release of version 10, Tableau has also overhauled the desktop client and its interface. Gone are the 90’s-esque grey menus, replaced with the new beautiful look and feel below.
The interface has become more modern, with a new typeface and a maximized canvas. The default colour palettes have also been overhauled and they really make each viz stand out.


New user interface also makes use of more white space around the axis and viz titles, as well as cleans up the navigation menu icons. Also the Show Me menu has been flattened, now highlighting but also suggesting which chart type goes best with the dimension and measures you’ve selected. It also fits into the UI a lot better. The maximization of the viz canvas makes any chart pop out more — Now you almost don’t need to build a dashboard to collect your vizzes into one place since they look great on the sheets already!

To download a free 14 day trial of Tableau 10, go to our trial download page and discover Tableau 10 for yourself!

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